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The Follicle Chronicles,, you’ll find everything you wanted to know about kinky, curly & coily hair. The multimedia news site is more than a blog; it’s a hair news web site.

The site features information about everything from hair culture and hair news and popular YouTube videos. The founders both have natural hairstyles and after being approached by women everyday about their hair styles for years, they realized a website was in order.

Whether on the streets or in the grocery store, women share their natural hair stories that are ultimately featured on the site. The site’s founders, Candace Kelley and her sister Palisa Kelley talk products, styles and pop culture. Kelley has also been in the kitchen creating a natural product called “Curl Prep” which launched this month. The non-chemical Shea based solution softens and elongates curls.

“So many women asked for a product like this, so I got to mixing,” Kelley says. “It’s just what women and even men need to define their natural curl pattern. Everyone who tries it is in awe.” Currently the product is sold online and will be in three locations in New York and New Jersey by September, she adds. “We have beauticians who want it, so we go show them how to create simple natural styles with our product.”

It’s no surprise to the sisters that Mintel Report, an industry publication, predicts a 23 percent decline in sales of straighteners or “relaxers,” through 2011.

The natural look is stepping forward boldly. “It’s more popular now than it was say 10 years ago when I was natural, and it’s more than just a trend,” says Kelley, who has been natural for more than 25 years.

Popular New York City dermatologist Dr. Dina Strachan is also on board and will answer questions about ethnic skin and hair health. “Skin is the largest organ on the body and what women across all races put the skin on their head through is frightening,” Kelley warns.

The site launched with a feature article on stylist Anthony Dickie of Hair Rules New York but will also feature lesser known hair masters, and include information and tricks of the trade.

A journalist by trade, entrepreneur Kelley is an Emmy-nominated reporter and has worked for a number of media outlets including BET, Court TV and NY1 News. She serves as Creative Director. Her partner Palisa is an entertainment attorney in New York City and serves as Editor-in-Chief.



Natural beauty tips for healthy hair

A big part of loving your natural hair is knowing how to care for it, so has complied a list of ten natural beauty tips for happy and healthy hair.

(1) Binding wet hair into a tight pony is a curly hair care no-no, and can cause split ends. Instead, slick wet hair back with conditioner and a little oil or gel.

(2) Avocado butter is quite effective in stretching curly hair. When hair is twisted or braided with the butter, it will generally have much less shrinkage than without it.

(3) Twist on wet hair and allow ample time for hair to completely dry. Untwisting when your hair is damp will inevitably give you the frizzies.

(4) Deep condition regularly as hair behaves best when it’s nice and moisturized. DC every week for softer, more manageable hair.

(5) Co-wash or shampoo with sulfate, silicone and alcohol FREE products. When it comes to all your product try to keep it all natural.

(6) Don’t EVER skip your Hair Conditioner. Opt for all natural conditioners and not just the ones that say all natural but read the ingredients.

(7) NEVER towel dry your hair. This only causes frizzness especially if you’re using a terry cloth towel. Drip dry, t-shirt dry or use a microfiber towel.

(8) It is imperative that you cover your hair while you sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet or invest in a satin pillowcase. This will not pull at the hair or absorb the moisture in the hair.

(9) Grab a spray bottle, fill it half way with water and add three tablespoons of olive oil. Shake well and use daily to add moisture to the hair. Spray liberally.

(10) The human head sheds on average 50-100 hairs each day. Detangling will help you get these hairs out and prevent tangles from reforming.

Source: Curly Nikki

Treating Your Scalp at the Hairline – Lesson Learned

I learned a lesson over my vacation. Hopefully, it may help someone else. Rarely, do I manipulate my hair a lot because I know how important it is to hair growth. Since I had the opportunity to attend different events, I really wanted to play with hairstyles, even wearing a hairpiece. However, I didn’t realize that putting a wig or hairpiece over wet hair was a no-no. By the time that I got home, which was a week later, I noticed a rash on the back of my hairline. I now know that moist hair under a wig creates scalp irritation, fungus and if untreated, hair breakage.

I am now applying tea tree oil to my hair and avoiding showers because the back of my neck gets re-irritated every time I get in. I’ve also discovered that ghee butter, used by the people of India has also helped. I initially purchased it to moisturize my face. It doesn’t have the greatest smell but it is some good stuff. Hopefully, it will clear up in about a week.

Spiral Curlers



Trying out my spiral curlers. I ran out so I used “jheri-curl” rods in the back.

I wet my hair with a spray bottle and used Miss Jessie’s baby buttercreme.

Curly Nikki Care: A Natural Hair Refresher Spray

Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Curly Hair Care.

My first Twist-Out Updo!

I decided to do something a little elegant for our son’s dance recital. After all, I am the mother of a future Rock Star! (LOL) Since I finally have enough hair to get creative, I decided to pin my hair up in the back for a more sophisticated look and here it is! I must admit, I thought managing natural hair was gonna be a real pain in the butt! However, after a year of trying at least 30 different products, I finally feel like I don’t need much to care and style my hair!  In this photo, I only used Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme and I probably could do twist-outs with a few other products in my cabinet.

It was a challenging the first year but now I’m good!

Check out my twist-outs,


Well, I am finally giving the wash-n-go look a much needed break! I tried twist-outs before but I didn’t like them. Now that I have some length – me likey! I used Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme and it didn’t take much product to get it like this. I puts about 25 twists in my hair. After untwisting, I used my homemade oil, consisting of EVOO, lemongrass oil, peppermint and rosemary oil.

That’s it!!!! Who says natural hair is alot of work?!

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